10 Tips and Strategies for a Better Facebook Marketing Campaign

PROBLOGGER.NET — This is a guest contribution from Jerry Low of Web Hosting Secret Revealed.When it comes to social media website players, Facebook is too huge to be ignored. With over 1 billion daily users, 934 million mobile daily users as of April 2016, one thing is obvious: you simply must market on Facebook…

10 benefits of social media for business

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Sharing content with thousands of followers at once isn’t the only benefit of social media for business. Small businesses all over the world have been discovering the ways social media can contribute to success and growth in all areas of their companies. However, there are still skeptics who still don’t see or understand the benefits of social media for their business.

Why You Should Create Content That Educates

BUSINESS2COMMUNITY.COM — The one question content marketers should ask themselves before creating and publishing any piece of content is: what role does this particular piece of content play in our company’s overall content strategy? Content marketers put a lot of time and effort into filling their websites and blogs with a variety of content, but many fail to take into consideration why they are creating all this content.

8 Strategies How to Get More Likes on Facebook

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Who would have ever thought that a tiny digital blue hand giving a thumbs up could become one of the most valuable currencies online? Facebook revolves around likes, so it’s no surprise that anyone with a Facebook Page wants to get more of them. However, as most social media marketers can (begrudgingly) tell you, what you post on Facebook won’t reach every single person who has liked your Page.

5 Proven Ways Remarketing Will Make Your Business Ridiculously Successful

MNG.LINCOLNWDANIEL.COM — 5 Proven Ways Remarketing Will Make Your Business Ridiculously Successful In 2013, my company, WordStream, was named to the Inc. 5000 for the first time, ranked No. 184 of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. We’ve also appeared on this prestigious list in the past two…

What’s Trending: It’s a Social Media Marketing World

BUSINESS.LINKEDIN.COM — Do you remember a time before social media? It wasn’t that long ago but it seems unfathomable now. How did we keep up with old high school friends? How did we know which relatives had loathsome political views? What did we do in line at the grocery store? Social media is as omnipresent as it is taken for granted.

Marketing Spend Facts & Statistics

CMOCOUNCIL.ORG — More than a third of CMOs say that digital marketing will account for 75% or more of their spending within the next five years. November 2015. As more consumers run local searches on mobile, advertisers are increasing spending on local mobile ad campaigns. In April 2015, BIA/Kelsey estimated that US mobile ad spending on local, or location-targeted, placements would rise 56% this year to $6.7 billion, or 37% of all mobile ad dollars.ddd June 2015.