A Long List of Instagram Statistics and Facts That Prove Its Importance

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — How is it that five years into its impressive growth, Instagram is still stereotyped as the social network for sunsets and well-staged food? for one, refuse to accept this outdated view of a network that has quickly earned its place in the social media marketing hall of fame. It’s time that we all recognize Instagram for the powerhouse of social networking that it really is.

10 Overlooked Elements of Running a Successful Business

SMALLBIZTRENDS.COM — Running a business is complicated, which means there are some factors or tasks that tend to get overlooked. From basic concepts to more involved processes, members of our small business community have plenty of tips for dealing with those sometimes overlooked business tasks. See the full list of tips below.

5 Examples of Brands that Have Truly Mastered Social Media

SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — Social media fame is the holy grail of the marketing world – we work our butts off for those likes, retweets, and follows. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen. Part of the problem with the social media landscape in this regard is that it’s just so huge – you’re literally competing with brands…

10 Small But Essential Ways to Boost Your Business

SMALLBIZTRENDS.COM — Giving your business a boost doesn’t have to be difficult or incredibly time consuming. In fact, there are some essential elements of building successful businesses that can sometimes get overlooked. These suggestions from members of our small business community include some small but important things you can do to boost your business right away.

How to Optimize Your Email Content’s Readability

BUSINESS2COMMUNITY.COM — We’ve all heard that “reading is fundamental.” We’re going to tweak that adage a bit for email marketers and coin a new one: “readability is fundamental.”In fact, it’s probably safe to say that in terms of importance to a campaign’s success, readability is right up there with deliverability, a…

How to Break Your Laziest Social Media Habits

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — I was housesitting for a friend recently and vacuumed her entire apartment with the click of a button. The magical robot vacuum got to work, and I went to get a cup of coffee. I pressed the button on her single-serve machine, and within seconds had a perfectly brewed cup of joe. I got cozy on the couch, grabbed the remote, and turned on the TV.