How to Promote Your Content Marketing with Press Releases

BUSINESS2COMMUNITY.COM — What are the best practices for content promotion? Obviously, we include social media sharing, SEO, digital advertising, as well as cross promotion across websites, social media pages, and through email. These are all great ways to get the word out about the valuable content that you have to offer.

9 Marketing Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — If you ask any social media marketer what their number one Instagram question or concern is, the majority will say it’s how to get more followers. While many users will say that they don’t care about how many Instagram followers they have, it’s a simple fact that the bigger audience you have, the more people and potential customers you are able to reach.

The Complete Instagram Hashtag Guide

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — If Instagram marketing is a medieval battlefield, you, the social media pro, are the gallant knight and the hashtag is your trusted sword. Wield it well and you will bring honor (brand awareness) to your noble kingdom (company). This guide will teach you how to be as prolific with the Instagram hashtag as Sir Lancelot was said to be with his sword.

3 Tips for Incorporating Testimonials into Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

SOCIALMEDIATODAY.COM — In our digital age, consumers are just as likely to trust the opinions they find in online reviews as they are to trust those of their friends. The numbers prove it: recent polls show that close to 92% of consumers make a purchase decision based on online reviews of products and services. There’s…

6 Proven Ways Content Marketing Benefits your Small Business

ENTREPRENEUR.COM — For small and local businesses, it can be hard to stand out against larger nationwide brands. However, content marketing can help your small business attract attention, and for relevant niches in your industry, too.Content marketing is a marketing approach that involves creating and distributing…

Why Outbound Marketing Still Works

BUSINESS2COMMUNITY.COM — There is a myth out there. The myth outbound marketing is dead. It’s dead because no one wants to be disrupted anymore. We mute television commercials, ignore online pop-up ads, and we “spam” emails that try to market to us. Facebook users usually ignore those targeted ads that show up in their news feed, on the rails of our Internet home pages, and our search engine results.

20 of the Best Google Chrome Extensions for Social Media Marketers

BLOG.HOOTSUITE.COM — Yes, this is another list of the best Google Chrome Extensions. You’ve seen it all before, right? Well, we thought we had too. But new extensions are continually emerging that can drastically change the day-to-day habits of social media marketers. Plus, a few classic extensions have undergone impressive upgrades.