Most Common Website Mistakes

As a growing business, the last thing you want is to be guilty of web design mistakes when launching an online presence.A professional website is a requirement for gaining new customers, establishing credibility and fostering client relationships.Ideally, the most effective websites provide:an optimal user-friendly experience,a steady flow of targeted leads,and of course, ongoing sales!1. A Lack of Clear Call to Action
Missing call to action is probably one of the biggest small business website mistakes we see across the board. The best website user experience should tell a customer the what, where, and how.What to do.Where to go.How to feel.2. No Analytics to Measure Performance
One of the biggest web design mistakes to avoid is not looking at important data behind a website’s use.

Get this: 75% of small business sites do not use analytics tools to track performance!  Think of your website as an investment.

One of the most important things you can do to protect this investment is to analyze progress and measure success.

3. Unclear Brand Messaging
This may be one of the most underrated “bad website design” mistakes out there.

Messaging is a success factor for all the major big-name brands, but it needs to get on your radar if you’re a small business brand.

My prediction is that this will be the highest priority to focus on when avoiding web design mistakes in 2022.

If you can overcome this now, you’ll be ahead of the pack that’s scratching their head wondering why people are not “getting” their brand, or buying from them.

4. Weak Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
While you may think that badly designed websites mean the front-facing user experience is poor, it’s content that will make or break traffic and lead generation.

Great content provides exceptional value and gets found organically via search engines. However, there is no magic formula to obtain high search engine rankings.

What’s more: High ranking results definitely do not happen overnight.

5. Hard to Find Contact Info
Your business should be everybody’s business! Customers and clients need to get in touch with you easily.

More often than not, website owners do not show their phone number prominently in the header and footer–or on a dedicated contact page.

This is one of the easiest web design mistakes to avoid. Put a clear call to action in the header with the direct phone number (example: “Call for a free estimate today! 800-555-5555”).

Your website is a vital part of your marketing and is one of the first ways your prospects will check you out.  If you are in need of some updates or even a whole new look, give us a call!

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