Promotional Products

We deal directly with manufacturers… and that allows us to offer over 800,000 items to choose from.

Using an online research service, we offer up-to-date information that is unparalleled in this industry and is continuously updated with new information to ensure you receive the best product for your needs. We research the products for you so that we can find the right product at the right price.

Certainly in the advertising specialty industry we like to think of product as the heart of a promotion that brings life to a concept. Much research has been done to suggest that a strong imprinted item really can pump valuable motivation, recognition and results into a campaign.
Especially in this economy, you want to make sure that you are remembered. Having the right giveaway, imprinted with your company name, can be essential. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to make your company stand out. We can find you the right item and ensure you that you are getting the best price. We use these products to make you stand out and with our research tool, we are able to find unique and creative gifts for any occasion or event.
With our Advertising Specialty products, we can provide you with the items you need for your next Trade Show. For example, you’ll likely want an item that is inexpensive enough to be given out in mass quantities and, ideally, will also generate awareness on the trade show floor. If the goal is to bring a targeted audience to a booth, then there’s always the tried-and-true two-part promotion. Look for products that come in pairs, like socks, pen sets, gloves … anything that can be gifted at two different points: first, ahead of the trade show with an invitation and second, at the trade show as a reward for visiting the booth.
And we don’t stop there…we know that the quality of the art determines the quality of the finished product. That is why we work with our Graphic Design services to create the artwork layout for any Advertising Specialty product you purchase from us.