About Us

There are other advertising and marketing agencies in Lancaster County.

In fact, there are A LOT of advertising and marketing agencies in Lancaster County! So why does Areca Marketing, LLC stand out?

This is why…


So what does “ARECA” mean? It is another name for Palm Tree. And why do we like Palm Trees? Unlike many other trees, the roots can fare well in both very wet as very dry soils. Generally, preceding the heavier storms, the soil gets very wet. Whereas this allows most trees to slide more easily (and thus fall over more easily), this actually makes the roots attach to the ground better and stronger, at least given that they are fully developed.


The selling process has changed. With so many options out there, we need to show added value to your customer. With a clear understanding of your needs, we offer unique strategic thinking. Approaching clients with the same old mundane stuff is not thinking outside the box. We know that in order to make you stand out, our ideas need to stand out! We think through the process to make sure your message is heard...and in a memorable way.


Tamara Behun is President of Areca Marketing, LLC, and is responsible for the creation and implementation of marketing and advertising practices for companies of various sizes. This includes Graphic Design, Web Design, PR, Advertising Specialties, Company Programs and Corporate Apparel. Tamara has worked in the Advertising and Marketing industry for over 30 years.


Areca Marketing, LLC builds brands and develops marketing that stays on point. We forge strong statements for innovative clients who want engaging and effective design to drive their business. We bring smart solutions and personal attention to clients who understand that design matters.

Based in the Susquehanna Valley, Areca Marketing LLC is a full-service marketing firm with the flexibility to work with large companies, small businesses, or individual clients. We create new branding strategies and refine existing ones.


As a “boutique” agency, we tailor our services to our clients specific needs. You get personalized marketing that best suits your business, and can grow as your company does.

We focus on a limited client list so we specialize in SEO approaches and utilizing their geological demographics. We provide a more personal touch, lower costs, and a faster process…and we aren’t afraid to do things differently! And we provide you with an individual strategy that will differentiate you from your competitors.