Are You Using Email Marketing?

Are You Using Email Marketing?
As a small business, email marketing is one of your most important ways to build relationships and attract new customers.
While digital marketers today put a lot of time and effort into creating multi-channel marketing campaigns, no other marketing channel holds as much reliability and credibility as email. Email is the powerhouse behind most great marketing campaigns, and it’s an essential tool to grow your small business.

If you aren’t using email marketing, then stop everything you’re doing and get started straight away.

Why is Email Marketing Important for Small Businesses?
Email marketing for small businesses is incredibly important, no matter what kind of business we’re talking about. Email marketing starts the sales process, improves it, and increases customer awareness of a brand.
With a carefully planned email marketing strategy, small businesses can gain more customers and increase conversions. 
As a small business owner, you can use email marketing to help your business access the following four things.

1. Wide Reach
Other marketing channels don’t offer as wide a reach as email does. Email marketing is the perfect strategy to fill in the gaps that your other marketing channels are leaving.
Email also lets you reach customers directly. When you send someone an email, they are notified straight away and can check out the email on their mobile phone. With a successful email marketing strategy, you will be able to access a more direct line of communication with the customer.

2. Email Motivates Action
Email is an excellent way to trigger a response from the recipient. Each email marketing message you send leaves an impression, and email is an excellent way to inspire actions.
This could be by pushing sales, inviting recipients to book a demo, or more. Creating target emails, aimed at specific audience segments, will help you to motivate a specific action with each email you send.

3. Adds Value
Using email marketing for small businesses is an excellent way to add value to your audience. Use email to share helpful information, useful tips, interesting content, special offers, and more.
This will help your small business build trust and credibility, and keep your audience engaged.

4. Leaves Room for Creativity
Email marketing gives you a direct communication channel with your audience. 

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