Habits of Successful People

The difference between average salespeople and good ones is staggering. Average reps hit their quota —most of the time — while good ones don’t just consistently hit, they have blow-out months and quarters.

Good reps earn their prospects’ admiration, loyalty, and referrals. They skillfully handle objections and preemptively surface concerns to make them disappear.

If you want greatness, good news. Here are just a few rules of good sellers that will help you become one of the top-selling salespeople on your team — or even company.

Use a measurable, repeatable sales process.

Know your product.

Practice active listening.

Practice your people skills. 

Personalize your message.

Be honest. 

Be a team player.

Be prepared.

Follow up. Follow up. Follow up.

View your customer’s success as your own.

Look for potential customers wherever you go.

Believe in what you’re selling.

Always ask for referrals.

Know when to walk away.

There’s not one single way to become a good salesperson, but the habits mentioned above are essential to providing a positive sales experience to your customers. Demonstrating that you have passion, knowledge, self-determination, and adaptability can take you from an average sales rep to a high-performing success story.

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